Contemporary Dance


The contemporary dance form is a blend of varied dance genres such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, and so on. This dance form embraces innovation, improvisation, and versatility. It is a form of storytelling, the medium to portray the characteristics, stories, events, etc. The nature of this dance form is spontaneous and self-expressive therefore it develops emotional and physical benefits, self-awareness, etc. Contemporary dance form sharpens the body’s flexibility, versatility, and relaxation, and provides physical fitness. Join our contemporary classes and learn the expressing body movements quickly.


Dance and Dazzle is providing contemporary dance classes in Dubai for all dance lovers. Our Professional contemporary choreographers always adhere to serving with the best and unique training to all the students.

We made the contemporary learning sessions easy irrespective of age, dance background, and experience. Basic and advanced training in this dance style is offered by us for everyone. Learning dance genres like this makes you more expressive through dance. Our contemporary professional dancers make every move unique and perfect.

Introduce yourself with a different way of communicating to the audience, expressing themselves without speaking with Dance and Dazzle Studio.

Find the right batch that fits all your dance learning needs. Come dance with us today!

‘Dance like nobody is watching!

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