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Get personalized attention with our private sessions!

At Dance and Dazzle Studio, we understand that not everyone is comfortable learning in a group setting and is afraid of being judged by other people, and wants to learn individually so that there is no point of comparison. Also, there are people whose busy schedules do not match our regular dance classes. They also prefer to join private sessions to continue with their dance passion.

To solve this issue, Dance and Dazzle studio has come up with private one on one sessions for those who prefer personalized attention and flexible scheduling. Our private sessions are available for various services such as Dance, dance workout, yoga, wedding prep, etc. We can be conducted both online and offline, depending on your preferences and availability. Online sessions are conducted through video conferencing platforms, which allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home or office.


Choosing the Private One on one sessions at Dance and Dazzle studio offers a variety of advantages such as personalized attention to every student, customized instruction from top industry experts, safe and supportive learning environment, and each session tailored to their specific needs and abilities.

This allows learners to learn at their own pace and improve their movement skills and achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Here, learners are free to make mistakes, ask questions and receive individualized attention without the feeling of being judged and embarrassed. This can help build confidence and self-esteem, leading to greater success in their movement journey.

Private One on One Dance Sessions | Dance and Dazzle Studio


We at Dance & Dazzle Studio offer a variety of services for private sessions to cater to the diverse needs of the client with certified instructors.

  • For the private dance sessions, clients can choose from diverse dance forms such as Bollywood, Salsa, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Bhangra, and Semi-Classical. These will help them improve their dance skills, coordination, and musicality while gaining confidence and having fun.
  • We are offering private yoga sessions as well. These are designed to address the unique requirements of the clients like flexibility, strength, or relaxation.
  • For clients seeking a more intense workout, Dance & Dazzle offers dance workouts that blend cardio and dance movements. These sessions help clients improve their fitness, burn calories, and improve their coordination and rhythm.
  • We also offer private wedding prep sessions. We provide individual attention and instruction to perfect their wedding dance according to their unique style, preferences, and abilities.


Our experienced and certified instructors work closely with each student to develop a customized curriculum catering to their needs and goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your skills, our private sessions are designed to help you achieve your goals at your own pace.

The instructors are passionate about helping clients achieve their movement goals and take a personalized approach to each session. Here at Dance & Dazzle, instructors are known for their supportive and encouraging approach.


Ready to take your movement skills to the next level?

Book your private session today at Dance & Dazzle studio and experience the personalized attention and support of our experienced instructors. Visit our website or contact us directly to schedule your session and start your journey toward achieving your movement goals.

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