Dance performances are an essential part/ritual of every wedding. Add the exquisite performance of the bride-groom, family members, and family to the Wedding festivities and rituals. It will help showcase the amazing moments of the special day. Join us today to book our magical dancers with their best choreographies for everyone for every ceremony.


Dance and Dazzle Studio is here to destress you with its services of wedding choreographies. With our professional choreographers, we adhere to providing creative wedding choreographies tailored to your special day. Nothing can make an event more special than two people in love, swaying along to beautiful music. Make your wedding day special with an exquisitely choreographed dance performance.

We provide step-by-step instructions for an easy-to-follow routine to make the practice easy and quick with the busy and hectic schedules of the wedding routines. Our experienced and talented team will create unique and personalized dance sequences tailored perfectly to one’s needs. Having a great team of wedding choreographers at your side will create stunning performances to wow the guests and shine the dance floor.

We also offer choreographies with various themes and concepts to come up with different performances every time.

dance choreographer for wedding | dance and dazzle studio

Plan the wedding of your dreams with the perfect wedding dance at Dance and Dazzle Studio. We help you guide through the entire process by selecting the right style and music to create an unforgettable experience on the big day. Trust us and book us today to take the stress out of your wedding planning and let your dream wedding come true!


Add the sparkle to weddings with our professional group dancers. Our dancers bring a unique level of excitement and sophistication to wedding performances. Group dancers add more value to all performances and also provide group performances to make the night exclusive.

Book now to turn your wedding day into an unforgettable experience!