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Zumba is a cardio activity, a fitness program to keep oneself fit. It is a high-energy fitness dance form. It is performed on English or Latin songs to make it a fun activity so that everyone enjoys it. This is the popular way to keep oneself healthy and follow the passion for dance at the same time. It includes quick and easy steps therefore everyone can learn it and have fun. Zumba is an effective workout for all fitness levels. Get enrolled today!


Dance and Dazzle Studio is excited to offer Zumba classes to our dance community. Our fitness experts are here to guide you on every step of this energetic workout and make you groove.

Here at Dance and Dazzle, we work with professional Zumba performers to make learning interesting with all the tips and tricks.
Practicing Zumba with us under the supervision of the right experts will help you take your health on the right path while enjoying the process. Join the Zumba class today to start your fitness program.


  • It is great for weight loss
  • Tones your entire body
  • Boost your heart health
  • Helps you de-stress
  • Encourages socializing
Zumba classes in Dubai | Dance and Dazzle Studio


Keep yourself away from stress, lose weight, and tone yourself by keeping in touch with professional Zumba classes with expert trainers who will teach you the right moves according to your health.

 Zumba- the fun way to get fit and healthy!

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